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Yalgorup National Park

The machine hadn’t´t been in 4wd for far to long, a trip to the beach was very overdue. Very! And even though we woke up to a rainy Perth Saturday morning, we packed the bathers and some picnic and headed south to the “first beach south of Perth” or to be more precise, the first beach you can drive on (I think). We are planning a short two-family camping weekend soon and the day trip turned into a little reccy for a potential bush camping site. The entrance sign was rather discouraging (in terms of camping)… Continue reading Yalgorup National Park



Finally, we made it! Finally, the glorious camping gear we found just days after arriving could be tested. After ten weeks down under we got out there for a taste of bush camping. Just half an hour east of town we criss-crossed Mundaring state forest all Sunday, continuously impressed by the ever-changing composition of the bush.


It´s spring now and we couldn´t wait any longer. Well, it was an early evening given the night temperature in the single digits and these little biting bastards that we still remember to well. Something around 8 degrees and a stiff, ice-cold breeze in the morning made you drink your coffee fast. Possible the first time for me serving hot soup for brekky 😉


Nevertheless, it was awesome to get out there and hear the bush by night, see the stars, cast a shadow in the strong moonlight and smell the forest and the ground. Just getting out of the car the scent of the soil, gumtrees, bushes and who knows what was positively overwhelming.

Avon Valley National Park sunday outing

One of the closest parks, just under an hour NE from Perth with quite picturesque wilderness and landscape carved out by the Avon River. It´s the northern limit of WAs Jarrah forests and rich of wildlife. We saw a bunch of kangaroos outside of the park and an Emu running away when it caught sight of us.

It was quite a nice four wheel drive as well as the heavy rains throughout the last days had filled up some of the track´s depressions to adventurous levels. Even had to put the machine in low gear to get out of one waterhole 😉

After traversing the park, we stopped for a bbq in Toodyay, happy boys all around 🙂

The Pinnacles

Not far from the middle of nowhere, 2 hours north of Perth is a gate with a lady that asks for 12 dollars. You pay them because behind the gate is one of those locations that you just gotta see I guess. Something that geologists (despite of typical geologist fantasy) still havent fully figured out. They are called pinnacles, rise out of a field of dunes and stand several meters high.

After paying the national park fee you get to drive through those structures and stop to take photos. So did we and need to share those photos, don´t we? The tricky part is avoiding other cars and tourists on the photos,

or rather the opposite 😉

Wedge to Grey 4W-drive 

After a far to rainy week, the weekend blessed us with crystal skies and 20-something degrees. Time to head for a decent day trip! Just under 2h north of Perth is the  Crayfishing village Wedge, entry point to the beach and a 20 kilometers track north, mostly through the dunes, partially along the beach and always with views of the Jurien Bay marine park’s turquoise seas.

After a lunch break on the beach just north of Wedge we headed along the windy, narrow and partially demanding track. Nothing the cruiser wouldn’t handle with ease in 2nd to 4th low. A bush had a slight disagreement with the snorkel and besides, all the brushing branches cleaned last Sunday’s red dirt from the sides 😉

Further north towards Grey the ground gets more rocky made of sharp limestone and the beaches give way to impressive cliffs.

All in all a fantastic route and perfect to combine with a visit to the Pinnacles. Kangaroo Point made a nice sunset spot before heading back to Perth. What a day!

PS: Yes we saw two Roos at sunset