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2 families, 5 days, 1 adventure

The more the merrier they say, so over the extended Anzac day weekend we rolled south with two vehicles packed to the rim with ten people, four tents and all the other essentials for an awesome bush camping adventure. “Expedition members” were the five of us, our dear friends Aaron and Theresa with their two kids and Guro our visiting student from Norway. A group spanning age classes from under one to over forty years. Kudos to Aaron & Theresa for taking a 9 month old angel out bush!
Destination for the four nights were two areas at “that french named” national park (D’Entrecasteaux) about four hours south of Perth. The plan was to stay two nights close to Pemberton at Leaning Marri NP camp and then move south to Moores Hut camp to explore the area there. As it goes with 4WD adventures, that plan remained a plan yet reality looked a bit different…

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Jurien Bay & Stockyard Gully

Oh, what a weekend! 30 Degrees forecasted and finally a “free” weekend to go camping. Time to go explore 🙂

Jurien Bay

The area north of Jurien is just shy of 3 hours drive from Perth and offers fabulous beaches, limestone cliffs and bluffs and “wild” camping as it neither is a national park, nor private land. Thanks Alex for the tip about Jurien, and thanks Hema maps and Western 4W Driver, who all recommend the area for a weekend trip.

We left first thing Saturday morning, stopped for brekky in Joondalup and spent the avo exploring the beaches and bays between North Head and Sandy Bay..

IMG_2820 (1).jpg
Yes, that´s a bushfire in the background

I think it must have had something to do with the excellent weather and that it maybe was the last summer weekend (winter is coming) but the area was packed with happy campers. So it took a while to find the perfect spot, but finally we found this:

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The beaches of Margaret River

Some say there isn´t much 4wdriving around Margaret River, too many people there, too many tourists. Others disagree:

“Margaret River saw us drive some fantastic little tracks that lead to some of the best beaches we’ve ever been to, along with stunning Karri forests and amazing wildlife”

I am grateful to for posting the above and fully agree with them. It really is stunning there! On a nice weekend in mid January me and the boys took my parents visiting from europe to an extended weekend to Margaret. As showing photos from our WA 4WD & camping adventures is nice but not the real thing, I wanted to show them a little taste of the experience. So, I was determined to find bush & beach in the area:

Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park where you find all the beauty! Majestic Karri trees, tight tracks through the forest and picturesque tracks along and down to the beach(es). After exploring Lake Cave in the morning, we checked out the tracks in the park and quickly found ourselves immersed between these impressive trees.



Our aim was the beach north of North Point with the idea to go along the beach and exit again at North Point. Getting there was a nice decent with spectacular views and the beach looked stunning.


Going along the beach turned out a bit of a tricky one. Not really possible, very deep sand. Different sand to the very fine sand I had seen so far. Quite coarse sand and rather wet. Consequently very heavy once you dig into it. It was good fun getting off the beach again, finally the Maxtrax came in handy 🙂


And back on the tracks we went…


…back a little inland and further south,to approach North point directly. And what a stunning place was that! A rocky outcrop, sheltering parts of the beach, totally quite water while waves were rolling in all around the place. What a magical place!!


The sand was equally deep on that beach and another vehicle was already bogged big time. Out with the recovery gear again to help them and on the final ascend we gladly used our winch to pull the Hilux out 🙂

All in all a fabulous day trip with gorgeous WA scenery and fauna, stunning beaches and easy four-wheel driving. We´ll be back!

Encounters of the third kind

So yesterday we broke a world record.
Seriously, a Guinness World Record !
We were one out of 448 4WD vehicles that broke the existing record of 154 cars, set in Doha for the largest convoy of off-road vehicles in 2014. Sounds weird? Was weird 😉 Almost 500 cars in a little coastal village, every available space in the “centre” was cramped with cars..
It sounded quite challenging; The whole convoy had to be moving through the dunes and all vehicles had to stay maximum two car lengths apart from each other. Bogging was obviously no option. Nature calls where´t either (Jakob had to jump out of the moving car to do his business and jump back in afterwards). But it worked out fine, they had set out a very easy course and the convoy “snaked” through the sand. A quite bizarre setting, you sit in a car amongst hundreds of other cars and kind of do the airport security line up thing, back and forth and back and forth …
Apparently this still needs confirmation by Guinnes but is seems like “we” smashed that world record. And that´s a cool thing, isn´t it? The only bad thing about the day was the never ending gibberish of partly extreme profanities throughout the UHF channel, that was asigned for the event. Just like some people think they can neglect all manners in the internet´s anonymity, a similar thing seems to happen on UHF radio. After all, nobody knows who of those 2000 people present hadn’t yet made it out of their anal phase. But some people appear to find it incredibly funny to talk about genitalia, or even better somebodies mothers … and frequent reminders to watch their language worked as a stimuli for even worse language.
One of Lancelin´s official event photo, courtesy
Well, I´ll conclude with quoting a warning I got before the event “You are about to experience a rather peculiar, special type of Australians, make sure to remind your family that that segment is not necessarily representative”


Finally, we made it! Finally, the glorious camping gear we found just days after arriving could be tested. After ten weeks down under we got out there for a taste of bush camping. Just half an hour east of town we criss-crossed Mundaring state forest all Sunday, continuously impressed by the ever-changing composition of the bush.


It´s spring now and we couldn´t wait any longer. Well, it was an early evening given the night temperature in the single digits and these little biting bastards that we still remember to well. Something around 8 degrees and a stiff, ice-cold breeze in the morning made you drink your coffee fast. Possible the first time for me serving hot soup for brekky 😉


Nevertheless, it was awesome to get out there and hear the bush by night, see the stars, cast a shadow in the strong moonlight and smell the forest and the ground. Just getting out of the car the scent of the soil, gumtrees, bushes and who knows what was positively overwhelming.

Avon Valley National Park sunday outing

One of the closest parks, just under an hour NE from Perth with quite picturesque wilderness and landscape carved out by the Avon River. It´s the northern limit of WAs Jarrah forests and rich of wildlife. We saw a bunch of kangaroos outside of the park and an Emu running away when it caught sight of us.

It was quite a nice four wheel drive as well as the heavy rains throughout the last days had filled up some of the track´s depressions to adventurous levels. Even had to put the machine in low gear to get out of one waterhole 😉

After traversing the park, we stopped for a bbq in Toodyay, happy boys all around 🙂

Wedge to Grey 4W-drive 

After a far to rainy week, the weekend blessed us with crystal skies and 20-something degrees. Time to head for a decent day trip! Just under 2h north of Perth is the  Crayfishing village Wedge, entry point to the beach and a 20 kilometers track north, mostly through the dunes, partially along the beach and always with views of the Jurien Bay marine park’s turquoise seas.

After a lunch break on the beach just north of Wedge we headed along the windy, narrow and partially demanding track. Nothing the cruiser wouldn’t handle with ease in 2nd to 4th low. A bush had a slight disagreement with the snorkel and besides, all the brushing branches cleaned last Sunday’s red dirt from the sides 😉

Further north towards Grey the ground gets more rocky made of sharp limestone and the beaches give way to impressive cliffs.

All in all a fantastic route and perfect to combine with a visit to the Pinnacles. Kangaroo Point made a nice sunset spot before heading back to Perth. What a day!

PS: Yes we saw two Roos at sunset