East coast baby 

Don’t get me wrong, WA clearly is the most awesome part of Australia but hey during a year down under you gotta go east at some point … and if you are lucky enough to even have rellies around Sydney then it’s a no brainer to spend, for example, Easter over east.

And very nice it was, seeing aunty & uncle and my very favourite OZ cousins again 🙂 And very happy was dear aunty to spend time with the boys, taking them to places and giving us adults time to explore that village with millions of inhabitants (Sydney). And Sydney is beautiful to explore, time and time again. And traffic is the worst I have seen ever. And I should maybe stop starting sentences with a conjunction. Dad joke, haha..

So where were we exactly?

We lived a nomad life for a week, some days in Stanwell Tops (1h south of Sydney), some days in Sydney and some days in Paterson (2.5h north of Sydney). All of them really beautiful places and as contrasting as can be. The view to the South Pacific from the Bene residence in Stanwell Tops..


Anzac bridge just outside the front door of B.´s place in Sydney…


and farmland surrounding A.´s straw-bale-house in Paterson…


Beautiful places to wind down and catch up with dear people that we see far too seldom.

What did we do?

Oh, where to begin? We spent plenty of hours in Sydney’s completely ridiculous and hopeless, basically non existing traffic. Where else on the world would you find a city with 5 million people without a single, not a single, no none at all freeway traversing the area? If you want to go north – south you find yourself in a potpourri of patches of freeway and suddenly kilometres of traffic light infested residential roads. I haven´t been to India yet, but I have not yet seen as bad traffic / traffic planning as in Sydney. Oslo you are relived from that superlative (for me)!

Enough rambling about that, besides of that slight irritation there are so many beauties: The majestic Pacific Ocean, the endless Sydney harbour, the beautiful bridges and buildings (both new and old), the green bush, the birds, that house with the white sails as a roof,  more than plenty of things to explore, to take inn, to enjoy and to take photos off. Wanna see some? OK..

What did we love?

Sydney is a great place to visit and explore no doubt about that, but what we loved most was to spend time with you Benes! We´ll be back 🙂



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