Jurien Bay & Stockyard Gully

Oh, what a weekend! 30 Degrees forecasted and finally a “free” weekend to go camping. Time to go explore 🙂

Jurien Bay

The area north of Jurien is just shy of 3 hours drive from Perth and offers fabulous beaches, limestone cliffs and bluffs and “wild” camping as it neither is a national park, nor private land. Thanks Alex for the tip about Jurien, and thanks Hema maps and Western 4W Driver, who all recommend the area for a weekend trip.

We left first thing Saturday morning, stopped for brekky in Joondalup and spent the avo exploring the beaches and bays between North Head and Sandy Bay..

IMG_2820 (1).jpg
Yes, that´s a bushfire in the background

I think it must have had something to do with the excellent weather and that it maybe was the last summer weekend (winter is coming) but the area was packed with happy campers. So it took a while to find the perfect spot, but finally we found this:


Not too bad, is it? And yes, the tent is just behind me 🙂 After the kids played with the waves for a bit the sun was rapidly approaching the horizon and it was high time for one of these as-good-as-it-gets dinners..


Oh, you sweet camping life! Call me narrow minded, but I can´t think of many better things to spend a Saturday with.

Stockyard Gully Cave

Sunday started with a delicious, cooked breakfast, inspired by Ronny Dahl (thanks!) without potatoes, different veggies but the chorizo really did the trick! Reminded me on late night diet as a student 😉IMG_7460 (1).jpg

What a fantastic spot, really hard to pack up and goIMG_7448.jpg

But off, we went, a nice, bumpy track across Beekeepers Nature Reserve to Stockyard Gully Reserve and its hidden limestone cave. It isn´t really hidden in terms of that you have to go search for it, there are signs and a parking lot. But without them you would never ever find it. You walk through a little valley (=gully, hint hint) and suddenly the gully turns into a cave, some hundred meters long. The cave is not accessible in wet conditions as the gully carries water and turns parts of the cave ground to quicksand. We didn’t have that problem and could explore the cave and the bee hives at both entries. An impressive experience for the whole family and how fantastic that not a single fly enters the cave 😉

And then, there was only the three hour drive back to Perth left to do (with a brief stop in Jurien to jump from the jetty, yes all of us including our brave 4 year old!!)…Lesueur.jpg

What a rewarding and intense weekend, I just love Perth for being able to do such trips on an average “everyday-weekend”!


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