Yalgorup National Park

The machine hadn’t´t been in 4wd for far to long, a trip to the beach was very overdue. Very! And even though we woke up to a rainy Perth Saturday morning, we packed the bathers and some picnic and headed south to the “first beach south of Perth” or to be more precise, the first beach you can drive on (I think). We are planning a short two-family camping weekend soon and the day trip turned into a little reccy for a potential bush camping site. The entrance sign was rather discouraging (in terms of camping)…


.. but still worth a little exploration. Driving was relatively straight forward once the tyres were deflated to 18 PSI. The sea had eaten away a fair bit of the beach lately and parts were rather narrow…


.. and after about half the planned drive, some 10 km south of our starting point, the drivable beach ended:


Fair enough, back north and back to Perth and on to a lovely dinner at friends in Shenton Park. A quite alright Saturday outing 🙂

My rating?

This may be the very first post, where I write something remotely negative about Perth / WA / Australia. This beach / National Park was a bit of a shame, I am afraid. It was rather crowded (surprise surprise being just outside the southernmost suburbs of Perth) but worse pretty much everything that the entrance sign says was ignored. Dirt bikes, rubbish, tents and tracks into the dunes everywhere. Most others simply enjoyed fishing but some… well, well. Australians and especially the 4wd community really loves their beautiful country and respects nature. The majority in any case. It´s just sad that a minority of Hoons can jeopardise access to these beautiful places due to their behaviour. That is unfortunately what is happening to some areas and the “good guys” have to pay for  others mistakes. Human nature 101 I guess …

But hey, look at this beautiful flower on top of an untouched dune, the world is beautiful ❤




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