The Holland Track

There is something special about this place / track. It´s tiny, compared to things like the Canning Stock but it has a special feel to it, standing in the middle of the bush, with a days drive in any direction to the nearest main road. It´s kinda magic. And still, only a days drive from Perth through the Wheatbelt and into the outback Goldfields!

Approximately the middle of the Holland Track

The magic presumably stems from…

The history of the track

Motivated by the intense gold rush after the first discovery in Coolgardie in 1892 bringing thousands of fortune seekers from the eastern states, John Holland together with Rudolph and David Krakouer and John Carmody set out to clear a 500 km track directly into the Goldfields through the dense thickets equipped with nothing but 5 ponies and a 450 litre water tank (100 gallon). The area feels remote today but one can only imagine what this endeavour meant more than 100 years ago. Every day, Holland rode out alone up to 30 km ahead in search for water. Rockholes in the occasional granite outcrops where the main source for drinking supplies. He then went back to his party and directed them in remarkably straight lines between water and feed sources. It took them only two months, reaching Coolgardie on 18th June 1893. Travelling time on the completed track by horse and camel teams usually took two weeks. We used two days to traverse it.


Driving it

Oh what a joy! It´s not difficult terrain, no rock climbing or axel twisting its mainly sand / clay and some forest sections. Main challenge are very very very deep ruts that can be a bit of an adventure after rain. The track is closed during most of winter (“summer road only”). It hadn’t rained for quite a while when we drove it on 19&20 December 2017 but we still encountered water filled ruts, one that almost swallowed the Cruiser (almost thanks to Maxtrax!).

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MORE than holidays

I gotta say that I had a weird, kinda empty feeling in my stomach in the first of weeks of school… Even though I liked it! I guess it´s a pretty big change for everyone to go back to reality after 45 days of holidays (same as back in Germany – 6 weeks).

For me it was a “dramatic” change because it is like I just finished a stage of life/ a new fabulous chapter and now I need to say goodbye to it… I know it´s not the end; I will go on trips again, where I will gain similar experiences. Anyway, right now it´s like letting something go.

So I did many awesome things!

I was in Perth for about a week and all in all it didn´t feel like 6 weeks of holidays only! I always looked up to (famous) people who integrated travelling in their job or their vacations in a larger extent than what is common. It probably is their favorite activity/addiction/love or how you want to call it and obviously I couldn’t understand what that really means. It sure seems amazingly adventurous, multicultural and exciting, but I think I can relate to it after my special holidays in Australia.

I dare to say that the fanciness and perfect planning etc. -> things which are making it more glorious and glittery (Australia owns that anyway) aren´t the essentials of an outstanding experience. For me as a person (and maybe for Katrine & Andi as well) one of the most meaningful aspects are still the pure emotions and thoughts (and dreams) you´re usually not “able” to have! Getting into the spirit of being isolated for a short term can be very relaxing!! You´re enjoying the day and that´s it. There aren’t any distractions like media or stressing/overthinking included in my camping routine.




Also especially in Australia and for me as a quite common European the lifestyle of travelling here in the width of land is absolutely stunning and fascinating. The contrast of being in an undiscovered area to growing up in a “crowded” city and country already inspired me when I was young and now I can live it!! I enjoy the loneliness (together with my family) and I love the simple fact to see (almost) unsettled places and pure nature from the plane straight after taking off in Perth. The “clear” view feels like freedom to me, whose “habit” as a member of a modern family (separated in Germany/ Norway) is seeing inhabited and cultivated land everywhere.

Right now, finishing the blog entry some time later, I actually got used to the school spirit, but I can still relate and get into the feeling I was describing.

Leola ❤

The beaches of Margaret River

Some say there isn´t much 4wdriving around Margaret River, too many people there, too many tourists. Others disagree:

“Margaret River saw us drive some fantastic little tracks that lead to some of the best beaches we’ve ever been to, along with stunning Karri forests and amazing wildlife”

I am grateful to for posting the above and fully agree with them. It really is stunning there! On a nice weekend in mid January me and the boys took my parents visiting from europe to an extended weekend to Margaret. As showing photos from our WA 4WD & camping adventures is nice but not the real thing, I wanted to show them a little taste of the experience. So, I was determined to find bush & beach in the area:

Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park where you find all the beauty! Majestic Karri trees, tight tracks through the forest and picturesque tracks along and down to the beach(es). After exploring Lake Cave in the morning, we checked out the tracks in the park and quickly found ourselves immersed between these impressive trees.



Our aim was the beach north of North Point with the idea to go along the beach and exit again at North Point. Getting there was a nice decent with spectacular views and the beach looked stunning.


Going along the beach turned out a bit of a tricky one. Not really possible, very deep sand. Different sand to the very fine sand I had seen so far. Quite coarse sand and rather wet. Consequently very heavy once you dig into it. It was good fun getting off the beach again, finally the Maxtrax came in handy 🙂


And back on the tracks we went…


…back a little inland and further south,to approach North point directly. And what a stunning place was that! A rocky outcrop, sheltering parts of the beach, totally quite water while waves were rolling in all around the place. What a magical place!!


The sand was equally deep on that beach and another vehicle was already bogged big time. Out with the recovery gear again to help them and on the final ascend we gladly used our winch to pull the Hilux out 🙂

All in all a fabulous day trip with gorgeous WA scenery and fauna, stunning beaches and easy four-wheel driving. We´ll be back!