Encounters of the third kind

So yesterday we broke a world record.
Seriously, a Guinness World Record !
We were one out of 448 4WD vehicles that broke the existing record of 154 cars, set in Doha for the largest convoy of off-road vehicles in 2014. Sounds weird? Was weird 😉 Almost 500 cars in a little coastal village, every available space in the “centre” was cramped with cars..
It sounded quite challenging; The whole convoy had to be moving through the dunes and all vehicles had to stay maximum two car lengths apart from each other. Bogging was obviously no option. Nature calls where´t either (Jakob had to jump out of the moving car to do his business and jump back in afterwards). But it worked out fine, they had set out a very easy course and the convoy “snaked” through the sand. A quite bizarre setting, you sit in a car amongst hundreds of other cars and kind of do the airport security line up thing, back and forth and back and forth …
Apparently this still needs confirmation by Guinnes but is seems like “we” smashed that world record. And that´s a cool thing, isn´t it? The only bad thing about the day was the never ending gibberish of partly extreme profanities throughout the UHF channel, that was asigned for the event. Just like some people think they can neglect all manners in the internet´s anonymity, a similar thing seems to happen on UHF radio. After all, nobody knows who of those 2000 people present hadn’t yet made it out of their anal phase. But some people appear to find it incredibly funny to talk about genitalia, or even better somebodies mothers … and frequent reminders to watch their language worked as a stimuli for even worse language.
One of Lancelin´s official event photo, courtesy lanceling.com.au
Well, I´ll conclude with quoting a warning I got before the event “You are about to experience a rather peculiar, special type of Australians, make sure to remind your family that that segment is not necessarily representative”

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