Overwhelming !

So we are on the BIG trip. No idea when this will go online, when we will upload photos. Being online is very rare, reception is spotty and that is a good 😊 thing. The last two days we spent in Francois Perón National Park. Away “from it all”. Landscape that is hard to describe, words just can’t express the beauty and uniqueness. And off-road tracks that are what I have been dreaming about for years. 

A 2.5 m tiger shark, 3 bottle nose dolphins 🐬 including a baby, an eagle ray just a meter from our feet, a zillion crabs 🦀, 4 Emus going for a swim next to us, a lizard on the track and all sorts of “footprints” on the sand

  That’s just a recollection of what we experienced today. And all that just around Cape Peron, just by strolling along the beach and meeting some researchers at Cape Inscription that pointed the tiger shark out for us. They had been waiting for two days for that spotting! They were flying a drone to observe the shark. Aim of the research is to have drones patrol public beaches for semi-automatic shark management. Awesome 👏🏼!

On the way north from Perth we stayed two nights close to Kalbarri and also there it was fantastic. Fantastic landscape carved into sandstone by the Murchison River. It’s a big attraction, especially for flies, must have been some millions of them there. The boys didn’t like that very much…

How is the camping ⛺️ you ask? Wait for the photos 😁 In Kalbarri we stayed at an actual camp site, Murchison Station, quite agreeable with spots along the river on the lands of the working station. Here in Peron we set up camp just behind the beach, deep into 4WD-only land in a so called camping area featuring a biological (?) toilet and that’s it. Very nice 👍🏼 Not absolutely straight forward to bring water and food and everything for a family of five but we manage. Right now we have set up the tent right on the beach just south of Denham. Fabulous!

One strong impression this trip makes is a sense of scale. A sense of the shear vastness of this beautiful continent. It doesn’t take much to be a day trip away from water/food/communications/you name it. 


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