Finally, we made it! Finally, the glorious camping gear we found just days after arriving could be tested. After ten weeks down under we got out there for a taste of bush camping. Just half an hour east of town we criss-crossed Mundaring state forest all Sunday, continuously impressed by the ever-changing composition of the bush.


It´s spring now and we couldn´t wait any longer. Well, it was an early evening given the night temperature in the single digits and these little biting bastards that we still remember to well. Something around 8 degrees and a stiff, ice-cold breeze in the morning made you drink your coffee fast. Possible the first time for me serving hot soup for brekky 😉


Nevertheless, it was awesome to get out there and hear the bush by night, see the stars, cast a shadow in the strong moonlight and smell the forest and the ground. Just getting out of the car the scent of the soil, gumtrees, bushes and who knows what was positively overwhelming.


3 thoughts on “(winter)camping”

  1. Cool pictures, great tent. Makes even the 4WD looking like a regular size. What’s its weight and packing size?
    Regards 🙂


    1. Thanks 🙂
      The tent is an OZTent RV-5, the “original 30 second tent“. A fantastically easy and fast set up 4WD tent.
      As it´s on the photo, it´s 2.6 x 2.6 m inside area and up to 1.9 m hight plus 2 x 2.6 m extension. The RV-5 packs up into a 2m long roll, about 40 x 20 cm in cross section weighing 25 kg. The extension side and fron panel have their own small bags.


  2. Looks like a great camping trip into the thick of things. Summer here has come to a close and winter is fast approaching. Unfortunately camping during the winter in this climate is deadly if you don’t know what you are doing. I really like the OZ tents but they are just so expensive. I guess that’s what you pay for when you want quality. I am considering a roof top tent for my rig. Happy adventures, I look forward to your next post.


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